Is he not bothered anymore?

me and my boyfriend get on so well in person, it's never awkward or anything..but when it comes to texting, I feel like I'm the one who always has to start the conversation.. it kind of hurts a litte 'cause it feels like he's not bothered about talking to me.. sometimes when I do text him first, I don't get a reply... is he trying to tell me something?


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  • What is he like if you phone instead of text?

    Maybe he just hates texting lol, I do abit, virtual keyboards are horrible. I wouldn't ignore a girlfriend that's odd. Is it like chain texting cause that's the kind of thing that does my head in, not cause of the person, cause phones suck for typing lol. If it's just a couple of texts then I wouldn't be bothered.

    • he's perfect on the phone! but I don't want to ring him all the time 'cause I don't want to seem really clingy... and he does have a really crap phone haha, so that could be it.. thankyou :')

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