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I'm just wondering if girls would text a guy often if they weren't open to the idea of dating him. I'm interested in this girl and we exchanged numbers about a month ago and we've texted each other just about every day since. We are both pretty busy with our school and work schedules. I'm wanting to ask her out next weekend but I'd like to know if there is a way to tell if she is interested before I ask her.


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  • If I am interested I'd love texting that guy all day long everyday. But on the other hand if I'm not the one starting the conversation and he is trying to text me everyday and I am not interested, I will still text back usually, but not really fast all the time. If I think he might like me then I usually start to text less then just a guy friend or a guy I actually like. And ill make sure not to send him any mixed signals like flirting alot. If its a guy I like I'm pretty sure he will know with the way I talk to him.

    So if you guys both usually start the conversation and you flirt a lot then I think she likes you.


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