Should I tell my friend I kissed the guy she likes?

Last night I was at a party with all of my friends and some guys, including this one guy that one of my best friends is really into. He had been flirting with me all night. We were drinking a lot and I had invited him outside with me to smoke, where we started making out. My friend has never had a boyfriend or had any experience with guys at all. I feel really bad that I did it to her, because I knew she liked him and she is one of my really close friends and I care about her a lot. Should I tell her that I kissed him? I know she'll get really mad at me, and I don't want to lose her as a friend. What should I do?

I told her today. She's super pissed, and has been giving me the cold shoulder, which I don't blame her for. But I'm assuming (although I know assumptions are bad) that it will blow over. It's unlikely that our eight years of friendship will be destroyed by one guy, so now all I can really do is keep apologizing and wait for her to forgive me.


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  • Yup, tell her. She'll probably just find out later...she'll probably call you a back-stabbing slut, but yeah, you should tell her.

    Also, let's be honest, girls really aren't all that close. Something minor will happen and then you'll end up hating each other anyway.

    • Actually we've been best friends since we were young, and we've never gotten into a fight before.

    • Well, you're almost definitely going to get in a fight now.

      It's your choice...get in a fight and possibly risk your friendship (which, if it's as strong as you claim, it shouldn't be destroyed) or you could keep your frienchship with her and know that you aren't open with her and that there are secrets/lies in order to maintain it. I suggest the truth.

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  • tell her. I'm sure she would rather find out from you than someone else