Is he really into me?

So there's this guy that I had disregarded for 3 years because I thought he was "out of my league". He is in my Architecture class this year and has been subtly coming over to my desk or trying to leave at the same time. I saw him at church one weekend and realized that I was his little sisters camp counselor and there were many other ties. So for about 3 months we have been hanging out a lot and have actually been on 4 or 5 "almost double dates". He told one of my close friends that he likes me and that he was planning on asking me out after winter formal(because he was going with another girl who asked him before I got a chance). But winter formal was last week and we've talked but he hasn't asked me out or told me he liked me or anything.


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  • he's probably scared that your going to shoot him down again, why don't you take the lead and ask him out, a lot of guys like a girl that will make the first move


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  • Seems that, unless there's something I'm missing, he may not be asking you out. My philosophy is: If a man wants a woman, he will work hard to get her. Are you sure that your close friend had it right? But that doesn't really matter, as the reality is here now -- he hasn't done anything. So, basically, if he really wanted to have you, he would have told YOU to wait until after the winter formal; not you 'close friend'. It could still happen, but...


    / There is no such thing as an "almost double date"; it is a double date, or it isn't a double date. Word of advice: don't look for signs, as our hearts and imaginations get in the way.

  • make the first move! It's not wrong to initiate silly :P


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