How many people are over the age of sixteen and never dated?

The last I had a boyfriend was in the 8th grade and it wasn't really a boyfriend because every time I saw him I was too scared to say anything so I left or hid! Before that I never had a boyfriend before. And now I'm in eleventh grade and I don't have a boyfriend still. Last school year one of my guy friends asked me to go out with him and I like him but I said no. I think I only said no because he told one of his friends to ask but his friend asked so loudly! [Any advice on how I can rid of the my dating phobia meaning saying no wasn't a one time thing it happens a lot].

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  • I haven't been in a real relationship in 4 years and I'm about to be 18 years old... Just open up a lil bit more and see where that takes you I stopped being so shy and it seems like its easier for me to tell a boy yes if they ask me out. And more guys pursue me b/c I'm not stuck in this dumb ass shell so it's really much easier for them to talk to me.


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  • I've only had a very few dates. I am very selective on my emotions about someone. Just be patient about your relationships you will be perfectly fine.

  • I am 22 yo and have never officially dated, mostly b/c during HS I was intimidated due to my low self-confidence. I went with a friend to my prom and homecoming, but never an official girlfriend. When I did gather the confidence to ask a girl I liked, I was turned down. Although this was confidence downer, I have replaced the need for a relationship right now, for the need of money!!!!! This also gives me a chance to gain confidence. I go out every once in a while and don't have any problem going to an attractive woman for a dance or to talk. All I can say, is if you don't do anything, you will let time just pass by and nothing is gained. The worst that can happen is he says no....and you move on. That is my problem I let too much time go by, and now that I work and go to college full time, doesn't help my social status.


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  • It's okay. I'm 19, and I've never dated. I've also never been asked out, never kissed a guy, never held hands with one, never been to prom, never even gone somewhere with a guy "as friends".

    I can't really give advice, as I've never been asked out, so I've never had to say no. But yes, I am over 16 and never dated. And though I'd like to have someone I can hold hands with and confide in and go to when I need him, I also know that it's not a bad thing to be single. I imagine it makes my life less stressful and less full of drama...