The relationship is always questionable when it started on Facebook right?

i read a lot of questions on here but whenever they start off I meet him / her on Facebook I know rate away its all questionable . cause generally people only add people they already know on Facebook so if there adding randoms somethings up and if there starting relationships with those randoms even more questionable right ? cause Facebook isn't a dating site


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  • It could be from a dating site.

    There is a really nasty sterotype about meeting people from dating sites. Facebook seems a little more acceptable, I guess.

    • i find on here the ones that started on Facebook are usually more iffy and not even real relationships a lot of the time . maybe cause its younger kids meeting others there age , I don't know but that's what I've seen

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  • I know most of my FB friends, but some of them have become friends through playing online games and chatting so it's not all bad


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