Is he still stuck on her

Ok so they guy I like and who likes me got dumped a little over a month ago. His best friend told me that he was thinking about asking me out again last weekend, but that he "Is not really interested in dating anyone right now," because he is still getting over the whole "sarah" thing.

So question, does this mean he is still stuck on her or that he just wants to be free/relax for a while before going through the dating hassle again? PLEASE ANSWER!


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  • I'd say he still wants to relax more than be free, actually. I had a male friend who acted the same after his break up and took him a while to ask his current girlfriend out. I think he just need to take a deep breath before getting involved again.

    Best of luck to you :)

    • THANKS!!!!!!!

    • But by that do you think it means he is still "stuck on her" or just wants to relax?

    • I'd say he just wants to relax. And even with he still has her in his mind it doesn't mean it's a permanent thing. I would want to relax between relationships, I think it's too much information. I think some people might act the same.

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  • I think that the dude is probably taking advice from someone else or thinking that he needs to date to get "Sarah" off of his mind and out of his system. I think if anything go out with him and see where his head is at with the whole situation but don't go further than that. Don't say anything about the break up but if he does then you know that he wants to get back with her.

  • I think he wants her back personally.


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