Whats his deal? Is this real or my infatuation..

I really like this guy and he has a girlfriend. He took me out on a five hour date (?) and paid for both my Starbucks and Subway and drove us. I ask him a couple days after this 'date' via text if it was a date and stated I respected he has a girlfriend but it still ment something to me that we went out together that day. He said "it was great getting to know you better! I honestly was getting close to asking you out, as in like trout fishing trip lol" and farther stated that he felt like I knew a lot more than he did on construction equipment so he didn't want to seem like a stupid guy and he has always stated how he felt bad that he never just went for me and said "thats not going to change".. When I text him, I do so about once a week and I keep it causal and inside joke'ish. He asks me how my weekend was and such and has stated several times we are going back to the same places we did on that five hour date.. but he is still with the gf.. She is really girlie and just turned 18; I am more woodsy and going to be 20;and he is 21 and also very woodsy so I thought that would give me some leverage.. My father suggested that he ment the trout fishing deal because that gives him until opening fishing season to ditch the gf.. (and trout fishing was the first time me and this guy were ever actually alone together last year).. Will he leave the girl or am I infatuated with the thought of this?...


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  • Sounds like he's playing you and his girlfriend