Is this a good idea for a first kiss with my girlfriend?

We've been dating for I think 2 weeks now, and The local fair is coming up. I already asked if we could hang out there and she said sure, and I asked if we could go on the ferris wheel around a later time near dark. My plan was that once we were at the top I could kiss her for the first time, and perhaps make out with her... Is this a good plan?


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  • oh that so cute!

    just make sure that she's not affraid of hights 'cause that's all she will be focusing on at the top and not the kiss unless the kiss is that good that she forgets everything :)

    good luck I'm sure she'll love it and every time you pass that place again u'll remember it


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  • as imnottelling12345678 said yes I like your idea but also as the real attila said only do it if you feel it is right


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  • Planning a kiss 99% of the time is a terrible idea. Whenever your gut tells you the moments right go for it.

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