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So this is my last year in high school and my prom is coming up in the next few weeks. So I got my date who has been a close friend of my for a few years. So my question is if the situation should ever arise at an after prom party where another girl wants to hook up would it be acceptable for me to agree? Even though my date and I are just friends and we both have agreed on that.


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  • It seems like it would be rude to ditch your friend, especially if you're at a party where she doesn't know people. On the other hand, if she's found somebody or has friends with her then I think you should ask her. Say something like, "Hey, are you OK here?" If she says yes tell her you are leaving with so and so and then make sure she has a way to get home.

    You should probably just talk to her before hand. Even if it was my friend I'd be kind of offended that he ditched for a booty call, especially if he left me to fend for myself. If he told me ahead of time and pre-planned a ride for me with somebody I knew and trusted I'd be less bummed.

  • well if you both know that you 2 are going JUST AS FRIENDS then he should understands + you guys are close friends so I don't see what's the problem just make sure that she's fine with it first and tell her that your leaving her to go hook up with someone else so that she's not waiting on you


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