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anyone have any advice, I met a guy online about 2 months ago and we talk every day and call sometimes too, I think we should meet up now as I don't want to get "carried away" in a phone type "relationship", do guys do this sometimes and why? I'm wondering is he just looking for a phone type thing and not an actual relationship/dating although he has said otherwise, he doesn't seem like the nervous type fyi. I just think its a long time to wait if two people like each other...oh and I have suggested once or twice meeting up and he seemed up for it but it just never happened due to other things...


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  • I've been 'that guy' before. I met a girl online and we talked for a week or so until felt comfortable enough to be past the awkward 'we just met' phase. Then we Skyped for another week or so and she started pushing the 'when are we going to meet face to face?'. It was really nerve racking for me because she seemed so perfect and I wanted to have everything perfect before we met. For instance, my duplex was being renovated and the fromteyard had debris piled up, my trucks were covered in dust from the construction, I was going to get my clear braces off that month and I was afraid she might not like me in real life so I was content at the moment with maintaining the place we were at.

    We met soon afterward and hit it off big time.

    • hmmm, well since we met this guy was on a previosuly planned vacation and has been quite ill since he returned (I do think he is honest, not making an excuse as such, he emailed me during this vacation too!) and also I have been away myself so we have both been busy, I'm wondering as a guy would you suggest I just wait a little bit longer and if nothing materialises then to move on? what you said makes sense and I get the impression this guy is a very busy guy too at the moment!...

    • I would go with your instinct. It has always been in my personality to be patient to a fault so I might give bad advice if I recommended a timeline.

  • if it sounds like he's up to it you can clear some time for the weekend and while talking you can tell him "I have a few days off this/next weekend and was wondering if you wanted to do something?"


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