On our first official date he took me to the club with his friends. Good or bad?

On our first official date he took me to the club with his friends ! What does that mean ? I'm liking him and I thought he liked me too , so why not a one on one date ? Like dinner and a movie


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  • maybe he's shy and felt more comfortable with

    some of his friends around, I don't think it's a bad thing..

    how did you feel about it?

    • it was fun but I wanted the classic date

    • have you tried telling him?

      he probably have a reason, or he's out

      of money, heh

      i think most people would want a "one on one"

      kind of date, so you could get closer and get

      to know one another better, is it possible at all

      that he could be nervous to be alone with you?

What Girls Said 1

  • As long as you had fun, I don't see a problem. On the other hand, I wouldn't call this an "official" date, since there were other people there... that kind of defeats the purpose. That was really more of a group gathering. I would suggest that if you want to go on a more romantic, one-on-one date, you should ask him to dinner and movie. That will give him the idea of what you want. There is nothing wrong with just going out with him to have a good time though.

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