Girls, why do you never send the first text? (generally)

In dating this girl and she pretty much never sends the first text. I've talked to some of my other friends who are girls and they say they feel like they're just "bugging" us guys when they text first. Also what kinds of stuff would you girls like your boyfriends to text you about?


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  • This is not true...I could care less if I send the first text. Honestly, if she doesn't ever send you the first text- then she isn't that interested.

    However, if you are dating her- then she must be. Um..I would say that she just doesn't want you to feel like you have her right where you want her..Or she is playing games where she wants you to like her more...Or make you feel like she likes you too much and you run away. It is so funny guys complain about girls running away all the time with a sweet guy, but really it is both ways. Guys run, too.


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  • I had the opposite problem. My ex would text me first to start with, but with time he stopped texting me as much and was too wrapped up with his xbox game to text me or text me back a lot of the time.

    • Wow that's messed up. My Girlfriend comes before almost anything but defiantly before Xbox :S in fact ever since I started dating her I've not really even touched My video games

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    • That's not right... Assuming you've talked to him about it maybe you should try to make yourself more distant and make him feel like he is losing you. If I ever felt like that with my girl I'd try pretty hard to make things right again

    • He broke up with me a few months ago. His reasoning is because he felt he rushed into our relationship. From what I understood, we were kinda on a break. Until he got a girlfriend over spring break. So now I've been kinda avoiding him and attempting to move on, as hard as it is. The strange thing is he keeps looking at me and seemingly kinda tried to make me jealous yesterday and today he talked to me (and he was seemingly not very happy today but yet he talked to me) So it's confusing...

  • LOL because we expect YOU to always text. I know it sounds stupid but not all girls are like this. But for me, I have a tendency to wanting the guy to text me first because

    1) I don't want to come off as clingy and annoying if I always text first

    2) Guys job lol (don't ask, it comes into mind subliminally)

    3) Maybe we're busy

    What we like you to text us is just a 'Love you' or 'Hows your day going?'

    • I hate that tho :P sometimes being "clingy" is reassuring and in my mind is better than being viewed as "distant" I feel almost unimportant if she does not text me first and feel like all the effort is coming from me :/

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    • Do you mean subconsciously? Subliminally would imply you've underwent brainwashing, ahahaha. Which might not be a bad explanation

    • ElijahCynicism LOL to me subliminally and subconsciously mean the same thing.

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