What' s the worst dating advice for you?

What' s the worst dating advice for you? For me it is the "Be open about your intention". - No you shouldn't! That would only scare her off.

Or "Show emotion"; "Show your vulnerbility/ weakness/ what have you"... Girls would only pity me and discard me for being a lover.

What about you? What do you think are bad dating advices?


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  • You owe it to your prospective lover to be honest. They deserve that, wouldn't you want or expect the same. Also question your ulterior motives. Would you wanto be mislead? It helps her make informed decisions for herself, if you just want sex than well she can decide if that's just what she wants to, or if you really like her SHOW her rather than tell. It is not fair to play head games- just be conscientious right?! If you are not clear about your intentions you are starting the relation off on a dishonest tip first of all, and that is a crumbly foundation, Me personally- I appreciate directness. I can handle it and it helps me get along better.

    Show emotion- hmm, to an extent. Don't be like a cup pouring out water- instead pick and choose what you want to share and let yourself experience other feelings on your own. Don't go to her during the moments when you are to emotional, sometimes you need to take a step back and look at it form another perspective before you open your mouth and say something out of emotional immaturity or confusion. Often negative emotions like frustration/anger, jealousy, insecurity will mask themselves as other emotions. To make it simple- speak from the heart. You do not wanto be emotionally unavailable, this comes off as callous and a lot of girls know better than to invest into a guy like that. Its a job- quite frankly one I'm not up for.

    Other bad dating advices- desperation/neediness/clingy- stage 5. Don't be any of those things please... its a turn off, especially early in a realationship. Even if you are tempted or feel intense attraction- don't come on to strong and give the person good space. They will miss you more anyways.


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  • "Just remember, there's someone out there who is better for you." Bullsh*t. Don't fill me with this false hope of there even being someone, let alone someone who will encapsulate my heart. I don't want to hear such crap.

  • I think the worst advice is to "follow your heart." That's bull. I followed my heart and got hurt.


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  • I agree with you. "Be open about your intention" screams "BAD IDEA!"

    And for what it's worth, anything that comes out of the mouth of a recently-divorced 40-year-old frat boy.