Should I plop him on his Toosh? Out of my Life?

Soso.. I am dating this guy online, we have talk on Skype and things but we keep bonking into problems? One recent is him asking me to change? When I really accept him the way he is..

**quote start**

Sup honey? We need to talk and you need to listen; I'm going to make it simple for you; you cannot be using references from over 4 days ago or before that; I have studying and I do not have the time or the memory for it. So just work with me k? thanks hun.

**quote end**

There was a little bit of heated words and him giving me one letter answers "k" when I typed paragraphs & asked why he brought it up now ? that he didn't have problems with it before [even though I had to tell him what we talked about, when, and stuffs since he really does not remember anything? I can really tolerate it] and I do not get upset over him forgetting a lot since he is a little busy with studies, so I am really understanding.

And since he asked me to? I have been making really recent references within 3 days for him and stuffs... But a new thing when he is talking to me? Is to not respond for 15+ minutes [unless its just before I go to work sometimes] and then really small answers? most of the time internet speak [k, trn, gt, rly, those type small words that are hard to understand]

And if I ask him how he is eating, feeling, or when he is upset & trying to support him? he starts saying "you really do not care much about me, do you?" or "if you care about me..." I am just making sure he is eating healthy, being safe, not taking any silly risks [like over drinking?] and stuffs because I do not always want to listen to him talk about 'the guys', sports, video games, or him going to a bar.

I mean he has his things and I really respect it but..sometimes I want to talk about 'us'..?

Today before I left for work?

Him: "I am going out with friends,"

Me: "But you were out with them the last 2 days and barely text-ed or talked to me?"

Him: "Hun, I need some guy time."

Me: "I really understand Josh? But, it has been more and more guy time lately? Please just stay and talk with me until I leave for work? In 20 minutes?"

almost instantly...

Him: "Later hun, love you."

Should I just plop him on his toosh out of my life? I have been really stoic in our relationship? I cannot anymore and need an opinion? Is he really 'bored' of me...?


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  • Date Me, Date Me :D

    • um... I am really not on a dating website >-<;; cookie head

    • then Date Him,Date Him :D

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