Why did he stop calling?

At first this guy was breaking his neck to talk to me and see me. Somehow things got switched around so that I was doing more of the calling and now he's not calling at all. However when I don't call, he gets an attitude and asks me why I don't call. Is he being lazy or just not interested? I just feel like contacting someone should be both ways and its a good way to let someone know you are thinking about them. Since he doesn't call, I fell like he could care less.


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  • he wants you to run after him (kiss his behind). maybe he's uset to most females doing that for him I suggest you put off on talking to him for just a little while tho and allow him to miss you and wonder, why you havnt reached out

    • Thanks Madea...lol. love the profile pic...and good advice. I'm making myself busy so I won't call

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