How to make a guy less nervous on first date?

This guy and I are going on a date tonight, apparently he is super nervous, how should I make it less awkward and nerve wracking for him?


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  • I think you should be nice with him. Touch him, compliment him things like that. Also giving him a kiss when you see him next, right at the start might help. Not necessarily on the lips mind you but a cheek would do. If you see him getting nervous again, just give him compliments or touch him or hold him. Show him some real affection, and if that doesn't work just, reassure him that he has nothing to be nervous about. That you're not gonna bite unless he asks, and that you really like him.

    I'm sure he'll loosen up eventually. Good luck.


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  • -Dress cassualy.

    -Be friendly, smile, laugh when he tells a joke, even if it's not that funny.

    -If you see that he's all out of conversation themes you start one.

    -Don't look nervous yourself.

    -If he's nervous then you make the first move.

  • Kiss him the moment you see him. Lips or cheek doesn't really matter. What matters is that it will give him a huge confidence boost while telling him that you'd like to be more than a friend.

    • idk, hahaha he just barely broke up with his ex who treated him like crap, I'm not sure if I should yet! :O what do you think...?

    • If he just broke up with his ex then you should be cautious about dating him because he may not be 100% over her. Either way though, I think he will like and appreciate it if you started things off with a kiss. It's a really nice surprise to get since most people assume it will come at the end of the date and not right off the bat.

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