Female friend texts me out of the blue.

We've been friends since we were kids, up until our early teens. She moved away and we lost touch. We started to reconnect a couple years ago through Facebook and then txting. She sends me pictures of herself with new haircuts and outfits. I end up flirting with her. She lives in Louisiana, right now and comes back to Georgia every now and then, on vacation. I usually take her out or we'll hang at her moms place, when she does, just as friends or that's what I treated it like, cause I didn't know what it was supposed to be.

She texts me out of the blue a week ago and asks me, "why are you such a slowwww mover?", "why don't you ever make a move?", "I've let you take me on dates and nothing." (So, apparently they were dates.) To which I replied, " I didn't know they were dates. Thought it was just friends hanging out." We go back and forth on this and I end up telling her, that I would like to be more than friends. We both had the same concerns about it: 1. We live far apart. 2. Not sure what we would do, if we ended up having a serious relationship.(i.e. who would move and such.) 3. She doesn't want to move back to GA and I'm not so sure about moving myself.

Neither one of us is even sure where to start or if we should even start anything.

I ended up txting her a couple days later, asking her, "what now?". She says, "idk". She thinks I'm nice, sweet and funny, but she can't see herself dating a guy that still lives with his parents. I don't live with my parents by choice. I got laid off from my job. Haven't found a job that pays as well as that one, for me to be able to move back out.(She knew this already.)

Here's my thing. Why even bring all of this up, when you didn't want to date me in the first place? She's sending very mixed signals.


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  • sighhh* Many people send mixed messages.. But to me it is clear that neither of you are really ready to be in a relationship, especially because of her going on about her not wanting to date a guy who still lives with their parents, I mean I get she wants a man that can take care of himself, and also her... but sometimes life puts you in certain positions that you don't really want to be in

    But that is what life is all about! Living and learning from different experiences!

    Maybe give it time, see what happens!

    What ever is meant to be, WILL BE


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  • If you had the option I'm sure you wouldn't be living at home, If you could find a job where she lives maybe you'd have a reason to move out and in with her.