How do I get him to stop contacting me?!

I started chatting with this guy in February and he seemed cool so after a couple of weeks I gave him my number. He started to text me and then he told me he had to go out of state for work. He left the next day and this was early March. We have never met in person. He told me he would be gone a couple of weeks and he wanted to meet when he got back. Since then he has contacted me almost everyday. It's starting to get annoying because it's been over a month that he has been gone and he frequently complains about having to be away for work and asks me the same questions a lot. I told him that I'm not interested in anything long distance but he kept contacting me. I ignored his texts and calls but he started to message me again on the dating website. I answered because he said in the message how his phone has been weird and how I must not be getting his texts and I felt guilty. I told him just to contact me when he got back and we could get coffee but now he has gone back to texting me everyday. I don't want to be mean but how do I get him to stop?


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  • Sorry, but I don't see any way other than being cruel, and telling him flatout "Stop fucking calling me. I'm not fucking interested. Fuck off!"

    You tried ignoring him until he gets the hint (which seldom ever works on guys) you tried not being blunt, so now, all that's left is a simple "Fuck off". If that doesn't work, and heck, even if it does, just block all contact. Phone, text, email, Facebook, whatever. Just block him out and make it impossible for him to reach you.

    But before you do tell him off, because if you don't he's just going to message you some other way. Maybe some other phone. Maybe some other email address. So when he does, there will just be more of the same.

    Sorry hon', it's time to be cruel.


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