How to text properly?

Ok, well I want to text this girl and I'm kind of noobish when it comes to texting and keeping the convo going. What are tips or anything of the sort that could help me get a could convo out of it and maybe become a daily texter (like text her a lot)? And also when is it too many emoticons?

If you're texting a guy friend, what should be the emoticons; same thing with a girl as a friend and you're crushes/potentiel girlfriends, how many emoticons?

With the potentiel girlfriend, what are things I could talk about? In the end, as it stands, I really do not text a lot. I actually count the days until I get another text which is pretty sad. I really want to talk to this girl and do a good job so that next time, she text's me first.

This is pretty embarrassing to ask, but I actually do need to know how to properly text. Any advice will be greately appreciated!


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  • Well firstly, put effort into it. When texting, don't just use a sentence or 5 words. Make it longer and show you put effort into it. It shows you gave time to actually write it and thought about it. Be descriptive, and be funny. Try and really be creative. Ask her for example, what she's up to and if she's doing anything fun. If she texts back then comment on whatever she said she's doing and kinda make a joke out of it or just saying something funny and then say what you are doing as well, but make it interesting. I see it like this, you are basically coloring in a simple thing. Like you know what you want to say and it's possible to say it really quickly but rather color the picture in and make it more interesting and memorable than just giving a short answer. People get bored, and chatting to someone who is boring doesn't really motivate the other person to chat further either. Ask her how her day was. Be interested in her life and what she has to say and don't be afraid to share some things about yourself as well. Like for example, if you ask her what food she likes and she replies but doesn't ask you what food you like, then don't be afraid to tell her what you like as well. As for too many emoticons. It depends on how much you want this girl to know you like her. If you want her to know you like her, then use a lot but if you are trying to still check things out keep emoticons to a minimum of say 2-3 per text. But in general those smiley emoticons are good cause it indicates you are ready to chat and are in a friendly mood and it's very much neutral. But to sum everything up, be funny and type meaningful and descriptive texts.


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  • i just wanna say, your under 18 and your 'noobish' at texting?!?!?!?!?1


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