What to do after messing up initial calling of a girl?

Met a girl at a Judo meet last Saturday. Chatted for like 10 min and she gave me her number and told me to call her sometime. I called her Monday evening at 7pm...perfectly calm and normal (I am not an awkward kind of guy) expecting her to answer...but I got the bane of my existence...the voice mail and had no idea what to say...so I was like a deer in head lights it was really weird...long pause before I said hope to hear back from you...I even nervously said in the voice mail that I wouldn't be this nerve wracked if she would have answered...was meant to be funny but I think that made it worse lol.

Anyway, I haven't heard back and I am thinking of either trying to call her one last time tomorrow (Thursday) evening or texting her this evening and say something like "Well, I realize I was a major dork in the voice mail the other day...I was just exhausted after a long day and wasn't prepared to leave a message haha. Hope to hear back from you."

I can only choose one of these, and if I don't get a response after this next (second) attempt I'll assume she doesn't want anything to do with me...

so what should I do?

Text today or call tomorrow?


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  • There is a third option -- she is bad about checking her voice mails. I'm THAT GIRL and I know a few of my friends are too. It doesn't hurt to contact her again. I'd try a text, since you might run into the voice mail issue again.

  • She may have felt a little weird with that voice mail to be honest. This is one of those situations where you cannot beat around the bush. These things are best said in person, so try to sit down with her and have coffee. Like invite her to something straight out of Judo, so there's no wait time. If she says no then, I guess you have your answer

    • We were just spectators at the meet, by the way. Not participants. So there's no way to "see" her again in any legitimate way without some sort of phone contact first. I think I'll throw the text at her and see what happens. It's no big deal to me, although I do like her enough to want to go out...it made me laugh over last few days because it is so out of character for me to be so weird. But anyway, thanks ladies.

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