Does online dating work?

I was wondering If online Dating works? or it's just something that is meant to waste precious hours of a guy's life just to feed an angry Prude-O-Saurus.

I've tried POF for a month and got 0 message back considering I sent over a 1000 msgs. Even with decent picture and genuine info. In the last week before I deleted the account, I exaggerated everything and I got the same results as before.


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  • Well, my dad meant his fiancĂ© on an online dating sight, so I'd say it worked for them! Keep trying. Whether it's online or not, Ms. Right will come along someday (:


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  • i dated a guy for 3 years, but he didn't keep his promise to come see me.. could have really worked but it was his issue..

  • Ive been talking to a guy for nine months... He is coming here next year, so I say it works


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  • I don't know what you did but clearly you were doing it wrong. I got like 100 different dates and 20 girlfriends off of there in the spat of like a year or maybe a year and a half.

    • Any advice?

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    • Maybe it does work. But I'm not willing to spend a one 1/2 year just to maybe have a girlfriend. A month was enough to see that If you want to succeed there I'll have to commit. I'm still too young for that B.S. I'd rather commit to my studies where it counts. Than some frivolous woman's relationship needs.

      Lucky it worked for you.

    • it didn't take me a a half month.

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