Does the "three day rule" apply to texting too?

the guy I like asked me for my number today (finally lol) but I haven't heard from him yet, which is okay. we've met more than a few times and have hung out together with some friends so it's not like we're strangers. but I want to know: for you personally, how long does it take you to text a girl you like when you just got her number?


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  • The 3 Day Rule is crap. Communication should be open and honest and occur whenever you want it to. That doesn't mean call a guy 20 times a day, but no one should have to wait 3 days to call someone back. That's idiotic, and doesn't help your case. You can call someone the next day and not be creepy or clingy or desperate, and you can wait 3 days and still be all of those things, so who cares?


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  • It's so silly, I've called or texted girls the same night or the next day, if you like each other why wait? I've even set up dates on the spot

    the people that write these useless articles in magazines need to find different jobs, it's beyond ridiculous the crap they say

  • Haha, yea it depends on the guy, and quite possibley the mood he's in too I usually don't text right away if I get a number... But that's just me

  • That guys ask girls' number is not always related to an interest. If he doesn't bother to text you within a week, you get the answer yourself.


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