First guy date in FOREVER! HELP ME!

I am gay and I Haven't dated a guy in almost a decade! I am not sure I know how to act what to call him I mean its been so long and this guy is really cute so um he wants to go on a date Friday HELP?



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  • its been a decade? so the last time you went out with a guy you were 8? 14? can't see how that could even count as a real date. And I'm not really sure what to say to help you except the obvious "just be yourself" although its still pretty solid advice.

    • My age on this is incorrect and unsure how to correct

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    • how could you mistake your age to begin with,..YOUR OWN AGE

    • there are over 600 cybernetic ways, -.- lag, poor processing speed, bad connection, poor mouse ability, not paying attention, the list goes on.

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  • Gay or straight, gotta give the same advice she did. "Be yourself" is the oldest cliche in dating but its the truth. People get nervous trying to impress the person they're dating but if they aren't impressed with you just being you, they aren't worth it

  • I have to agree with both of them.

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