Inappropriate for a guy to text another girl "I miss you"?

Me and him used to talk for a while, but he got a girlfriend and told me we were just friends. He knows I still like him. I stopped paying attention to him and now he keeps doing really nice things for me and trying to be caring, I guess. He's been gone for a week and he texted me "I miss you."

Believe me, I'm not reading into it that he likes me and wants to cheat on his girlfriend, but I don't think it's appropriate for a guy with a girlfriend to text a girl (who he knows likes him), "I miss you."

Am I wrong? If I was the girlfriend, I'd be a little upset.


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  • Hmm, seems like he might miss you, really.. and maybe realizes that he wants to be with you but has a girlfriend... Yea, that is a little weird that he would text you while in a relationship!

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