Should I ask him to prom?

So my senior prom is coming up, the other day I went over to my friends house and told her I wasn't going to prom. She said that would be the biggest mistake not to go so she said she would try to find me a date. She ended up texting my best friend. I've known him since I was 7, he goes to a college 3 hours away, and we've always had a super flirty relationship, we even hooked up once. She basically asked him if he'd be down to go with me to prom, and he said I would literally love to go with her, he was asking when it was and was saying I would definitely go if she needed a date, he asked if it would be awkward and if I would even want to go with him and said he would go if I really needed a date, then he said he needed to text her when he could see straight and a week passed and no text so she texted him what's the deal. He asked when it was and my cousin told him an he never responded. I don't know what to do? If you were in his position would you ask your best friend since childhood to prom knowing she doesn't have a date? Or is that weird considering you aren't even in high school and it isn't coming directly from the girl? Should I ask him or does he even sound interested? What would I say


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  • If you want to go with him you should ask him yourself. Your cousin means well but it's time to cut out the "middle man" from this equation. I'm guessing he's a college freshman? They get invited to proms all the time.


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  • So many girls are tempted to ask the guys to their prom, fearing that the guys get cold feet, that they're shy, etc. We rely on the futile he-said/she-said of friends, which trains us to do the same as adults. You're training the guy to be a slacker and wait for girls to come to him rather than stepping up to the plate.

    I had to ask a guy to my prom because I went to an all-girl's school. That is the specific exception in my opinion. If you're in a co-ed school and a guy hasn't asked you, go on your own -- with a group of friends. Please don't turn your big night into a sad Tailor Swift replay.

    Your memory of that night shouldn't be about the awkward engineering of getting the date. It should be a celebration of this major milestone in your life -- GRADUATION, YOUTH, LIFE! Go and enjoy yourself. Lave all the texting, gossip and high school stuff behind. You're GRADUATING from that to bigger, brighter things.