Why do guys randomly stop texting a girl they like?

Last night I texted a guy who hadn't texted me in a week and a half. I told him I would be in town in a couple weeks to go out with some friends then I asked him if he would want to hang out. He texted back 3 hours later and said "(my name), you know I wanna see you when you come down! just a time and place babe ;)". So I responded saying I just never know because you're so busy then I asked him if he would want to go out with my friends. He never responded.

He and I have hung out in the past, we made out once and he told me he really likes me. He texted me straight for two months then randomly stopped. Although he still tells me he misses me and he wants to see me, etc.

Why does he just randomly stop talking to me?


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  • It's a test to see if you care about him. Guys need signs from girls to see if you're thinking about them.


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