It's a little long, but I would really appreciate input because I'm at a loss of what to do?

I have been seeing this guy on and off for awhile now. We are friends and hook up when we hang out, but we don't see or talk to each other much, maybe twice a week or so. We didn't talk or see each other for the whole month of March, but I missed him so I texted him about 2 weeks ago. We hung out 3 times, one time being he came to my BBQ. I texted him Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday wanting to hang out, but he either didn't reply or said he couldn't. Each time we've hung out it's been because I wanted to and I'm the one who texts him first. This morning I texted him, apologizing because I've felt like I've annoyed him and also to see if he would make an effort, but all he said was OK. We've fought and made up, I really like hanging out with him and feel like if I texted him in a week or week and a half he'd want to hang out then, but why does he not text me or want to hang out now? With him, do I just need to wait several days or a week or so after seeing him before hanging out again? And after the conversation this morning, can I even expect to hear from him?


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  • I'm sorry, if he was interested in you he would text/call right away.

    Unfortunately it's time to move on.


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