Cute, quirky, smart guy or tattooed, biker, bad boy?

Okay. If you had to choose between the 2 guys, what one would it be? Simple enough right?

Option #1 : Cute, Quirky, Smart Guy

He's 18, just like you and So he's super funny, and you laugh at almost anything he says. He's quite adorable. He may not be the best looking guy on the planet, but you find him cute. He's super smart and you can have deep conversations about almost anything. He wears glasses and is religious, but you don't mind, even though you aren't the most religious person yourself.

Option #2: Tattooed, Biker, Bad Boy

Okay, he's super funny as well! You can't help but smile around him. He drives a motorcycle and is more of a rebel than the other kid. He's 27 however, and has already been married and divorced, something you've never experienced. He does show more interest in you than the other guy however, but you have a great time hanging out with both of them. He is a little better looking than the other guy and yeah...

Pick one(: It's for my friend who can't choose between 2 guys who she likes(: THANKS! :D


Most Helpful Girl

  • I like cute smart guys more than anything! Though the religious differences should not be taken lightly -- this is a major compatibility thing.

    Also, what makes the biker a "bad boy" ... It's hard to judge a book by its cover. I have a couple guy friends who are tatted up and ride, but are great husbands/fathers. I have other guy friends who are smart and preppy, but tremendously slutty. Still other friends who are the stereotypical IT nerd, but also major stoner burnouts in their private life. Etc.

    • i get what you're saying...he's not really a "bad boy" but his whole image is. I guess my friend sees him as the 'bad boy' compared to the other guy above lol :P

    • Judge people by their behavior, not their image. That solves a lot of problems. Also, these aren't the only two men in the world ... perhaps neither is the ideal partner for you!

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What Guys Said 1

  • I'm not a girl but:

    1) Is never going to break your hard but will also never rock your world.

    2) Is going to rock your world and will eventually break your heart.

    Hard decision. Flip a coin, because it is that moment that it is mid-air that you suddenly realize what you are hoping for...


What Girls Said 4

  • if you're 18, you should leave the bad boy 27 year old ALONE.



    go for the nice guy your own age!

    • well its not ME. it's one of my good friends...but I'll let her know(: lol

  • nr. 1

  • To be honest if she can't decide then maybe neither are right for her? There should be no decision... Personally, if I was one of the guys and she picked me I would still be pissed off at the fact she had to think about it :) x

    • okay. that's almost the exact same thing I told but apparently, she said she just likes them both too much and can't decide because of the fact. I don't know...she's weird I guess lol

  • I like the first one.

    I don't like the bad boy types. It wouldn't work out.