How to make a fun conversation with the guy you like?

my question is how to make a conversation fun with the guy you like on internet or in person?


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  • Wow. 2 hours old and no answers.

    The question centers around the person wanting to initiate a conversation. First mistake. Center the conversation around who you want to talk to. This makes it a lot easier.

    You can find out what his interests are and go from there. If you have common classes, there's a ready-made subject. If you're in a different grade, ask him about the teacher of a class that you are to take and that he has taken.

    These are "small talk" subjects. You can guide the conversation where you want it.


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  • Thinkof something you guys have in common to strike up a conversation. Whether it be a little inside joke that you guys have together, or just something you both like?

    I know for me I do something as simple as sending a little emoticon of a cow on my iphone to the guy I like, because we have a little inside joke about borrowing each others cows. That always strikes up some random convos!(: Good Luck! :D