What are tips you would give a girl to increase her chances for a second date?

In general, what are tips you'd give a girl to increase her chances for a second date?

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  • I say the number one thing is...make sure that you show interest that you WANT the second date by showing interest in him.

    Guys have been conditioned, thanks to you females, that the average female will act "neutral" when she is feeling negative emotion, to supposedly "spare our feelings".

    What I mean is; if you're on the date, and:

    *you're only talk when spoken to

    *answer his question in a shorthand way

    *don't carry the conversation yourself (pretty much making communication an interview)

    *don't display much interest in getting to know HIM

    *don't smile or demonstrate somehow that you're having fun

    *your attention wavers

    *always checking the time

    *no eye contact...


    ...frankly, we will think "this girl doesn't like me and didn't want to say it to be polite".

    You girls sometimes can be polite and empathetic to a fault so can you blame us for thinking this way?


    We won't think "she's shy and she hasn't broken her shell yet", or "she's under stress in some way and wasn't in the mood to be social".

    Do you do any of the actions in the third paragraph? Cauz if you do, then that is your answer.


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  • Show your actual personality. If you're an interesting person living an interesting life people will natural want to be around you. Develop your self and it will develop your relationships.


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