Hooked up with a guy last night, got his number, want to text him, but not sure how to open the conversation?

I met a guy, we clicked, we made out for a bit, I got his number, then we parted way. This was last night, I wanna text him a bit later, but I don't know how to open the convo. one of my friends, said to say something like 'hey nice to meet you last night, hope to see you again'. Whereas one of my guy friends said to say something like 'i just made you open your phone for no reason... looks like I got you in check". But I prefer the first option. but I'm not sure. What do guys like?


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  • I'd say something more like your guy friend said. If I got a text like that, I'd be smiling as it proves you got humor.

    If you'd go for option 1: don't say "hope to see you again". Why? -> link

    I think the first option is to static and to friendzone-ish. Make it a little more exciting


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  • WTF, don't listen to your guy friend, do what the other person said

    or you could go with the classic "hi" or "hey, what's up"

  • Text him to show you are interested in seeing him again. Say something like "Had a great time last night, like to do it again! Call/text me -- Your name


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