Is he getting too attached?

I met this guy online. Both of us were just looking to casually date. We went out once, and it ended in a nice goodnight kiss. Since then, we have gone out about once a week and have slept together. I'm still dating others although I'm not sleeping with anyone else. I have no idea about him. He is still active on the online site though. However, he has now invited me over to hang out with some of his friends and his siblings this weekend. He also calls (almost) everyday. The conversations are short, just a "hey, how's it going?" type of deal though. I have noticed him staring at me sometimes when he thinks I'm not looking. He calls to make sure I make it home okay every time we go out. I wouldn't be opposed to going exclusive if he was interested, but I'm also content with how things are. Should I talk to him or let him bring it up? I don't want to make things awkward by bringing it up too early or if he isn't interested in something more serious.


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  • How long have you been dating? To be quite honest, I doubt that he'd introduce you to his siblings if he wasn't at least considering being exclusive with you. Although I don't think it's good to assume things, especially when it comes to where you stand in a relationship. The key is to approach the conversation the right way. Keep the tone light to show that you are looking to find out if you are compatible and want similar things rather than pressuring him. Plus it sounds like you are still getting to know him and aren't looking to rush things either. I think most aspects of a relationship sound unfold naturally, but it's OK to give a slight push once in a while... ;-)

    • We've only been dating about 5 weeks. I think my biggest reason for not being sure is that we started dating with the intent of it only being casual dating...nothing serious.

    • Meeting the friends and relatives is a pretty good hint that he doesn't just want casual dating, though. I wouldn't introduce someone I was casually seeing and sleeping with to my sister or brother. I guess only way to truly find out what he's looking for is to's possible that what started out casual is evolving into something more. If you don't want it to, it's better to be honest with him.

  • The fact that he's allowing you to see his friends and a relative make me think that he's interested. I wouldn't say "attached" because it sounds clingy, but he has a clear interest in you. Are you sure you're as interested?

    I'd def. sit down and talk about it. If you don't feel the same way (100%) you should say something.