How do I get him to open up?

Ok, so my lab partner is pretty shy and we are total opposites in every way but we started hanging out sometimes to do our lab homework and to study and I was pretty sure he had some level of interest. We hung out a few days ago and ended up drinking and were laying down next to each other and kind of cuddling but he didn't try anything and then the other night neither of us had anything to drink and ended up cuddling and he finally put his arm around me; we were laying down and I was up against him and he was holding me, we were watching a movie. He still didn't try to kiss me. Is he just really shy and it takes him awhile to feel comfortable with a girl or is he maybe just not that interested?


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  • Just get to know him more and talk to him ask him about his life, maybe he just doens't like jumping into things.