Me and my boyfriend have barely talked in two weeks. What's up?

We live two hours apart. A week before we agree on communicating more because these last two weeks I'm away. me and my boyfriend haven't talked this whole week. he said I should be understanding that he's busy, and I said okay, but we were going to work on communicating more. I said I enjoyed my time with him on Sunday. nothing until Wednesday when he just said hello to me via text and told me he got picked up by a professional team. that's it.

umm, wtf?


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  • Maybe he is busy. I think living two hours away is tough. But I think if he puts in more effort to make it work then it can work. It seems like the schedule and time and him not communicating more isn't helping things. You told him how yo ufeel and he still isn't trying from his end. Long distance relationships are tough. Even though your two hours away I feel he should be putting in more effort to see you more.


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