Why hasn't she texted me back?

There's a girl that I like. I think she might like me too (it's hard to tell with her). We don't live very close, so we text a lot. But the past two or three times, she's just ended the conversation a few texts into it. It's not as if she doesn't want to talk; she speaks as if she does. She just stops responding with no explanation. Why is that? Is she trying to see if I'm interested enough to text her when she's "ignoring" me? I don't want to say anything because it seems rude or annoying or something, but I won't get to see her in person for another month or so, and this texting issue is bothering me.

In addition:

I wish that we would talk on the phone more often, but we almost never do that. It would certainly solve the problem, but I don't know how to really bring it up.


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  • You should just ask her flat out if she's interested in you. (If you're comfortable with it) I for one love that kind of confidence in a guy and if she does like you, when she's not busy drop her a phone call randomly,be spontaneous!

    • I'd prefer to do it in person, but to be honest, I don't really know what to say. I had a girlfriend the summer before high school started, but her sister pretty much set me up for that one.

    • And to explain, such as why I'd rather do it in person:

      I've asked her out on several "dates" already, but they stayed pretty casual, and neither of us has referred to the other as a boyfriend/girlfriend. I guess the relationship is just kinda stagnant.

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