Should I go hang out with him next week?

OK so I've been on and off with this guy for about a year maybe a little over. We went threw a bunch of sh*t but somehow stuck together so long. He didn't spend any time with me , and very bad communication problems and a bunch of other sh*t led to our break up. Yesterday he texted me and quickly he flipped out on me . He has never gotten that verbally abusive before. He said some extremely hurtful things, and brought up a bunch of mistakes I made making it seem like I was the one who ruined us when he was just as much at fault for messing up the relationship as I am. This time I didn't hold back anything I let it all out. Basically things went way beyond crossing that line with an ex. Then today he texts me asking if next week we can hang out even if it's just as friends. I didn't know what to say cause I was still in shock from the day before. I kinda want to hang out and get everything off my chest that I've held back. Only thing is I asked a friend about it and she said she thinks he's trying not to make himself feel guilty cause she thinks he is sleeping with someone else. I don't know I'm just so lost on what to do. Should I just tell him to get lost or meet up and get everything all off my chest? I hate it cause I really pictured my self with this guy, he painted this picture in my head of us living together and having kids possible one day. I really loved him. I'm just so confused.


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  • Yeah go for it and hangout with him!

    • thanks , things went terriable by the way , when I went to hang with him