Why does a guy who has a girlfriend want to hang out with me?

It's basically casually hanging out but him and his girlfriend seem very happy?

I don't know why does he want to hang out with me and I think he knows I kinda like him but why does he want to hang out with me? We aren't really compatible lol and I think he sees that and I do to plus its just wrong for his gf

but why does he wanna hang out with me? just boredom lol its after class

well he doesn't ask to hang out with me I just see him and we talk.. he doesn't say "hey lets hang out" its usually I say hi he says hi than I say lets hang out lol


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  • Whatever. No big deal. So he has a girlfriend. There's nothing wrong with hanging out with the opposite gender when you're dating someone. Seriously. It really could just be a casual thing. You and him hanging out as friends. Not everything a guy does is geared toward sex. I hang out with other girls, and my girlfriend has no issues with it. She knows about it and she trusts me. My girlfriend hangs out with guys too. It's not a big deal.

    Anyway I can't tell you to just get over it and hang with him. If you're so uncomfortable with the whole thing then fine, don't do it. Still I do think you have some hangups. Just saying, I think you are looking at this thing all wrong.


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  • Well you are innitiating so that just means he is being polite and respond. If he innitiates, then maybe he is flirting with you and might think of you as an option if his girlfriend doesn't work out, or he is looking for a lover on the side, or maybe even a threesome. Or of course. He could just want to be friends.

  • Depends what you talk about.


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