How long before texting a date who texted you?

Date this past Monday, texted me yesterday it went well. My friends said I should text him too to show interest. So should I today, tomorrow, when? I don't want to look desperate or screw up with him. And in the past I have been guilty of not showing enough interest.

what would you do? I think since he texted me yesterday it should be my turn to text him and it won't look over eager?

Well the last time we spoke was 5:30ish I was thinking I'll text him tomorrow asking how his weekend was or something like that.


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  • Just text him when you want too, the first time you think of it. Don't worry about screwing up by texting, there will be plenty of time to do that in person :P


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  • i don't think so.. I usually respond instantly lol that's kinda how texts work and how society is now. you can choose not to respond I guess, but then I would suggest texting him 2 or 3 days later saying, 'since we did have such a good time, maybe we should hang out again' but personally I would respond just saying, "i had a good time too! we should hang out again"