Question about An Anonymous Guy?

I met this guy online and he insist to stay anonymous because of the type of business that he's in until we build better trust. Which I can understand because he has explained it to me and it make sense and I'm not just trying to make sense of it.

I am wondering if anyone else would agree that he might be married or really what he says he is. Because we have great conversations. He's always in contact with me and gives great compliment that aren't sexual. Compliments that actually fit our conversations. But I'm feeling skeptical because I have no idea what he looks like other than what he's described his self as.

What do you think people?


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  • He could be in the private security industry or secret service or some top secret organization.


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  • youre definitely a smart lady to raise a red flag. There could be a number of reasons, I doubt if his job is really the reason he wishes to remain anon.

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