Desperate? dumb? or something else entirely?

Girls do you ever hit the point where you are waiting for a guy to call or I'm you and you just feel kind of dumb?

Do guys think that a girl waiting to here from them is desperate?

I know tons of people have said that girls should call back if they are so worried, but when the girl is the only one calling it seems weird. Just thought about it, let me know what you think.


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  • i don't think waiting for a call means you are desperate

    most guys will probably say if you call or text a girl within 2 days of getting their number its desperate (which I find to be idiotic)

    but if you are the only one putting the effort of calling him, that's not a good sign since he might not be interested in you

    if I have called/texted her 2 or 3 times and she hasn't been the one to initiate after I don't pursue it


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  • If I like the girl and I somehow find out (or guess) that she's waiting to hear from me, I think it's cute. It's even better if she just contacts me herself, though (assuming it's not every five minutes). I like it when she initiates just as much as I do or even more because I'm usually pretty shy and it takes me a while to be comfortable being obvious.

    • thanks this really helps.

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  • I have way too many things to do to wait around for a guy to call. I have lost lots of great potential guys because I was too busy to call them and these guys wanted me to call to let them know they were not wasting their time. Every guy is different, some hate it when a girl calls and some love it. I seem to attract the guys who love it and I have no problem doing it if I could only remember to do it.

    • I understand there are a lot of other guys out there, but I am not going to blow a guy off just because I have other options, I think every guy deserves my full attention and consideration before I move on to someone else.

    • You took it the wrong way, I don't blow anyone off. I am just really busy. I am not busy dating tons of guys. Sure I can, any girl can when you think about it. I go to school full time, work full time and run my own business on the side. Things are a little slow at the moment otherwise I would not have time to come on here but those are the reasons why I forget to call guys back.