She talks to me all the time over text, but in person she doesn't want to talk to me.

I met this girl last year, never really talked too much but we would occasionally. One night we danced together and she seemed to really get into it.

A couple of months ago, she randomly video chats me. At this point, I had not seen her for months, let alone talked to her. From that night on she messaged me every day and we texted alot. For a couple weeks she would message me before my alarm even went off.

She kept messaging me how excited she was to see me and how she couldn't wait to hang out with me (she had been on co-op). When she finally came back, she would ask me every weekend what I was doing and she would show up to almost every party I was at. But once at the party, she would barely even speak to me, she would say hi and everything but if I tried to start a conversation with her, she would act completely uninterested and she would randomly leave me to go talk to one of my friends (she also knows a lot of my friends).

She recently went through a bad break up and her ex is giving her a really hard time. She would message me about it and I helped her a lot with it. She would say she wouldn't know what to do without me and how grateful she was for what I have done for her.

She once asked me to come visit her in studio, so I did and we hung out for like an hour. The next morning she texted me saying how awesome I was for visiting and she asked me to get coffee with her later. Through no fault of her own we ended up not being able to get coffee. But the next day I asked if she wanted to go get dinner and she said she couldn't but she didn't act like excited to anything about it, even though the day before she was asking me to do the same thing...

Recently at parties and pretty much anytime I see her face to face she will barely talk to me. Yesterday every time I went to go talk to her, she would instantly run and talk to someone else acting so excited to see them. She is not a shy person, she talks to EVERYONE so I don't know what her deal is. I tried talking to her today she said like 3 words then walked away to talk to someone else. On top of all of this, she still will text me...

The other day one of my friends (who she also knows) told me that apparently he heard from one of her friends that she wanted to f*** him. He doesn't know that I am talking to her, so I don't know what to say about that, or if its true or not. How can a girl be so open over text, and so cold when I talk to her. She acts like she doesn't care at all. It is driving me crazy. The next time she texts me I am thinking about asking why she doesn't talk to me at all when we are together, I want to ask her why she is acting this way. Would this be a bad thing to ask? Because she has been through a lot lately, and I don't really want to add to her stress, but seriously, this is really stressing me out as well...

And just the other day I was walking on campus, and she called me to say she saw me. I mean how can someone within like 2 days go from calling someone because they saw them, to barely talking to them for no apparent reason.


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  • That would be a good thing to ask. You should call girls out on strange behavior