Do you think I'll have a hard time setting up this guy with a girl?

my one guy friend wants me to set up his best friend with a girl. let's call this guy steve. steve is a really nice guy. I've hung out with him before and he's fun to be around and you can just talk with him. he's a cool dude.

but here's the problem. he's obese AND very picky about girls. when I say obese I mean actually the medical definition of obese. he's huge. and I think it will be hard to get a girl to look past that right away.

he's also really picky about the girls he'll date. they have to fit in his specific "guidelines" as he calls them. he likes very thin, very girly, very pretty girls. one of his female friends actually liked him and asked him out and he said no. and this girl was cute (but not stunning) and a little tomboyish (not girlie enough) and actually pretty thin (but not like size 0 super skinny).

my guy friend really wants me to set steve up with someone. how do I do it?


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  • don't bother with it. if Steve bugs you about it tell him he has to be open minded and go for whoever's personality you think could work.