What was the most awkward date of your life?

What happened..did he go in for a kiss too soon? She accidentally spit in your face?

trying to have some fun with this

My most awkward moment would have to be when my date thought I called his entire family ugly

I think it was the most awkward because to this day I think he reallyreally believes I said that


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  • This Guy I dated once, didn't brush his teeth and I could smell it from a distance, showed up late to our date, made me feel like he wanted to just get laid, and expected for me to kiss him at the end of the night... I felt really ackward at the end of the night because I didn't enjoy it and I didn't know how to tell him!

    • wow! If he was expecting a kiss he should have at least ! brushed his teeth o.O

      one time I went on a date with a guy and he was chewing gum the whole night *hint hint* as we got in his car he spit it out and less than 20 minutes later goes in for a kiss! What is it about guys and expecting a kiss the first time they take you out

  • The guy talked non stop about his ex the entire time. It was so awkward, I wanted to leave but felt kind of bad since he was obviously still so in love with her and she just dumped him recently.

    Your story is pretty funny. Why would he think that, even if he heard you wrong, I can't think of anyone who would actually say that.

    • Exactly! I wanted to say " come on, I did not say that" because I could read all over his body language he thought I did. But awww your story is sad, maybe he got back with her (: but he did break the first rule..never talk about your ex

    • Funny he did get back together with her but if you heard the stories he told me about her, it was not a in his best interest. Oh well, I sure didn't want him after that fiasco but I felt bad for him.