He stops talking to me. If I did something that bad why are we still friends on facebook?

Okay so there was this guy at work I'd met and he approached me were started talking and we'd both hit it off..We even went out once for dinner, and both had a great time... We we're always texting and talking...People at work would tease us about it, he said it didn't bother him. I thought that may have been it...But for all of the sudden we had pretty much quit talking I've sent him numerous texts and tried calling him...no response whatsoever it's like I'm dead to him. I don't know what I could've done..I mean if I did something that bad why are we still friends on fbook?


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  • Hmmm...it's best if you try to ask him? But if that fails then its possible that he might not be into you as he thought he was before. Some guys are like that, they start talking to you then all of a sudden have a change of thought. It's rude and impolite to not let you know, I would at least be honest and say if it's possible to still be friends but not date. Apparently he stopped talking and replying all together so it's possible he might not be into you. Hope this helps!

    • Thanks a lot! I appreciate it.. Yeah I have tried...haven't heard anything.. it's weird..

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