Should I confront him about being on a dating site?

I've been in a relationship with my partner of close to 8 months. As with all relationships, we do face ups and downs. However, just recently, I stumbled upon my partner's profile on a dating site. From his profile description, he stated that he is looking for more friends but he also listed himself single on it. I feel really hurt and confused at the moment.

Could this mean that he is cheating? Should I confront him about it and let him know how I feel or should I let it be? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much!


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  • when did he make it? I accidently had an OKcupid account for like 5-6 months before my girlfriend said something, and when she did I felt like an idiot for not deleting it. It's something that easily is forgotten in todays world. Is he actively updating it? does he SOUND like he's looking on it?

    Also, don't take the single thing TOO seriously, but if he does look like he's looking on the site, confront him. Don't be angry, just kinda like "what the heck are you doing on a dating site? hmmm?"

    • Thanks for your reply. Just an update to the situation, his last logged in was 5 hours ago. I think he updates it quite frequently as his recent photo was a shot taken by me two weeks ago.

    • No problem(up vote it! lol, newish to the site), I think you should confront him. At least force him to make himself single on there. It's not fair for you to be in a relationship on equal ground and for him to be doing this sort of stuff.

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  • Yes definitely! This is very much wrong and you need some explanation on this. I wouldn't put up with this kind of behavior.

  • Yes, I think you should confront him on it and ask him how he would feel if you made one with a single status.

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