Relationship Advise? How can I get guys to actually notice me for more than a friend?

I know vague title but I get told by girls and guys a lot that I am sexy and attractive and beautiful but every time I try to approach a guy that I like or would be interested in dating I get rejected I have a lot of guy friends and one that I know has feelings for me but I "friendzoned" him becouse I simply didn't feel the same for him at all. I have had crushes on my guy friends but I've gotten freindzoned. I play a lot of computer games and I've gotten into a close groop of people all from diffrent places and we play games toghether there is a guy I deperetly wish I could meet in real life but that isn't a possibilty, this summer though I'm gonna be working along for a lot of time a guy that ignored me when I had a crush on him and I suspect I still have feelings for him...

How can I get over the guy I talk to online ?

How can I get guys to actually notice me for more than a friend ?


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  • I suspect I still have feelings for him...

    You want to get over the guy you speak to online. Just talk to some other people on your game you play and be cool, you'll forget about him.

    and you want guys to notice you more than a friend. Have you ever tried to make your hair nice and soft and shiny? Try on some floral dresses. You'll have their penises in the palm of your hand. and use what ever perfume you have.

    • ...

      the hair comment...

      but I'm kinda Gothic... I never wear anything Floral... though my wardrobe consists mainly of Black, Green and purple. My favorite clothings are hot dean pants and short skirts and I would wear corsets if I have them but instead I always wear tanks... yeah I'm looking for a serious relationship not lets have sex I already have a player trying to get into my pants nty

    • I wasn't saying it like that. there has been a misunderstanding. Then you should wear what you have. Just don't look too dark and scary, you should do fine if you're nice. :)

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