Prom as friends! Ah, but is it that simple?

What is expected of me, if I go to prom with a junior "as friends" who is attracted to me and generally a manwh*re to be frank enough.

I've let him know that there is no way we are hooking up, but what's the deal with grinding at these things?


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  • He probably likes you and understands your "no hooking up" rule as most girls come out firing with that noise, he'll still put in effort as there is still a slim chance for him to hump.


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  • Why torment him with a tepid "Yes"? A firm "No" would be more honest and more merciful. But you knew that, didn't you? Don't toy with him... or with us, for that matter...

  • Well, what's expected as friends isn't what's expected as lovers. Friends who go generally don't dance together - they find other people who are there with friends. Usually go in groups, or something. It's possible he'll try and put the moves on you though, but not entirely seriously; in which case, you can take it as far as you want with no real mean restrictions, and no necessary connotations. You get me?


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