Was asking him out a bad idea?

I love (Yes, I believe I love him) one guy,who've I known for a few months and we were gonna head into a relationship. But then he told me that I came into his life at a bad time. He has some things to sort out and whatever. He told me he didn't want to drag me into it all. Once he straightens himself out, he said we can try again. We're still talking like as if nothing happened, but we don't say that we're together. Then a few weeks later, one of my good friends reveals his feelings for me, I've known him since we were fourteen and I've liked him since. I asked would he like to go out with me, he said yes.

Was it wrong for me to do that, ask him out? If I tell the first guy, what will he think?


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  • lolol this is so funny :) once he straightens himself out xD!

    No it's not a bad Idea, although society will tell you ewww but you're a girl you shouldn't do that. Don't listen to them its Bologna. Your young you should have fun while your young because this time will never f***ing come back ever.

    you'll be more successful than other girls anyways if you do what you keep doing. just be careful, also be very smart. Try to make sure they love you too. Have a nice day :)


What Girls Said 1

  • No, it wasn't wrong. He told you no, therefor you are allowed to move on. Good on you for asking boys out, by the way, I know a lot of girls hat would never. So yeah, enjoy your relationship with this guy who wants to go out with you, it could be amazing, you never know. And If it doesn't work out down the road, then you and the first boy can try again.