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I'm confused about what I should do, What is your thoughts on this?I've liked a guy for a long time. I met him at university and we hit it off. I did not tell him I liked him for a long while. I kind of stopped chatting to him and became shy and nervous as I knew I liked him. I took the chance and messaged him online. We got texting then planned meeting up. Met up with him and he told me he wants something casual, just sex with no relationship or anything. He explained he's been hurt so I guess he does not want to be with me. When I met him I thought he was genuinely interested. He said he liked me but, does not want to be my boyfriend. Every guy I've liked says this :( I feel unwanted and so worthless. He said to me next time I see him are we going to bang. So its just sexual interest :/ he is twenty nine so I thought he would want more but no. He was like don't start calling me your boyfriend.


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  • Don't mess aroun with him! He just wants to use you for sex

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